Welding procedure approval

Welding Procedure Approval

Make sure that your welding procedures are compliant with all the relevant rules and standards.

Welding procedures for specific work require approval to be compliant with DNV GL rules for maritime welding or international standards such as EN 1090, ISO 3834 or DIN 2303.

To ensure high-quality results, all welding work needs to be carried out as specified in Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS). These define all the relevant parameters – from the welding position to the materials, weld parameters and welding consumables.

At DNV GL, the approval begins with the Welding Procedure Qualification Test (WPQT). During this test our surveyor assesses four key components:

  • The welding procedure is known and adhered to 
  • The materials used are in line with the required quality 
  • The defined equipment is used 
  • Further procedure steps, such as pre-heating, are adhered to

The welded piece is then tested at an accredited testing laboratory. This can take place at a laboratory of your choice or at one of DNV GL’s testing laboratories for materials and failure analyses.

We offer welding procedure approval according to:

  • EN ISO 15614 (-1 to -13) 
  • EN ISO 14555 (stud welding) 
  • EN 13134 (brazing) 
  • AD 2000 HP 2/1 (pressure equipment/pressure vessels) 
  • DNV GL rules for welding 

Upon successful completion, a welding procedure approval certificate will be issued.

With DNV GL you benefit from our comprehensive services covering all industries and sectors where welding is applied. Our experts always keep you up-to-date on technical news, changes in qualification requirements and new developments in welding.

With the DNV GL welding precedure approval certificate you profit from:

  • Smart approval processes for fast certification and prompt results 
  • Valuable tips for continuous optimisation of your welding procedures
  • Free shipment of test pieces and speedy test results when you opt for the DNV GL material and failure analysis test laboratory

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