Power system protection training course

This four day course addresses all the main topics and trends relating to power system protection. It provides the knowledge and guidelines needed for the design and setting of modern power system protection systems.

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Irene Heunks Irene Heunks
Manager Energy Academy
Power system protection training courses

Training Information

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  • Duration:

    4 days

  • Prerequisite:

    It is recommended that participants have at least a Bachelor of Enginering degree and have a basic understanding of protection.

Course planning

October 7-10, 2019
Arnhem, the Netherlands
EUR 2950 (early bird fee EUR 2800)
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Power system protection systems play a crucial role in establishing reliable electrical power systems. Poorly designed protection systems may result in major power failures. Due to the increasing importance of electricity, such power failures can have a serious impact on society and the economy. 

Knowledge of power system protection systems is key when it comes to optimising the reliability level of electrical infrastructures. With the advances in protection and communication technology in recent decades plus the strong increase of renewable energy sources, the design and operation of power system protection systems has become ever more challenging. 

This course presents the fundamentals of power system protection and its application. A very “hands-on” approach is used to teach the concepts. Understanding is then reinforced with real world examples. Interaction is encouraged between participants and the presenters, to underpin the learning objectives.

For whom?
This course is designed for technical professionals working in transmission or distribution network operator companies, consultancy organisations, in large industries or government organisations involved in design, engineering, commissioning or maintenance of protection systems. It is recommended that participants have at least a Bachelor of Engineering degree. 

Course outline 
* introduction to power systems
* introduction to power system protection
* power system and power system protection calculations
* trends in power system protection
* protection of power transformers
* protection of power systems with high degree of renewable energy sources
* wide area protection
* protection of HVDC networks
* protection of power cables and lines
* protection of substations
* protection of motors
* special protection functions
* testing of power system protections
* IEC 61850
* failure investigations

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